FAQ Wedding Music

The Armadillo String Quartet’s list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Wedding Music) has been compiled over 20 years of experience playing weddings and events in Vancouver. We hope to that these questions will help you plan the music for your wedding or special event.

How do we contact the Armadillo String Quartet?

Contact us by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For bookings we will mail or fax you a standard contract. The booking is secured once the contract is returned and signed, and accompanied by a deposit cheque and a post-dated cheque for the remaining balance. Everything is handled promptly and professionally.

For a wedding ceremony, how many hours do I book a string quartet for?

We have a two-hour minimum for all functions including a wedding ceremony. It has been our experience that from prelude to postlude a wedding ceremony can often be that long. Better safe than sorry!

Will you attend the wedding rehearsal? I’m worried that my wedding party will not be timed to the music.

Normally we do not attend rehearsals. We get there early to check over the venue and discuss any details with the officiant. We are adept at timing the music to the right length and you can feel comfortable leaving that to us.

Do we need to meet in person?

We are always happy to meet with our clients, however, all details can usually be addressed over the phone or email.

What if someone is ill or can’t play?

We have many colleagues of equal performance level in the Greater Vancouver area whom we can contact on an emergency basis.

Do you need to rehearse with the guest instrumentalist or singer?

Most likely. We can meet earlier at the venue before the festivities. The amount of time needed depends on the music. A fee will apply to rehearsal time.

What if I would like different instrumentalists in addition to the Armadillo String Quartet to perform at my function?

We have a tremendous circle of colleagues of the same level of performance and musicianship. If you ever need another instrumentalist, such as a flutist, harpist, etc, please let us know. They may perform with our quartet or alone.

Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?

Absolutely. We will be happy to communicate directly with them ahead of time to work out musical details.

There is a special piece of music I would like performed. Can you do that?

Yes. Even if it is not in our repertoire, or available for string quartet, we will be happy to write an arrangement for the quartet (a fee applies).

Do you charge for commuting to an event, even if it is only at one venue?

Not necessarily. We assess that on a case-by-case basis, as it depends on the distance to the venue. Please let us know and we can discuss.

My wedding ceremony and reception are at two different locations. How do you charge for performing in two venues like that?

The quartet charges per time, including commute-time between one or more venues.

Will you play outdoors?

Yes. Our only concerns are the safety of the instruments and the ability to provide quality music. This means that we must be in full shade and there must be no precipitation. The temperature should also be at least 15°C (60°F) and no more than 33°C (90°F).

What do you require at the venue?

The quartet requires 4 armless chairs and a space of about 8 feet by 8 feet. Dimly-lit environments may necessitate the use of stand lights (provided), requiring access to electrical outlets.

How do the musicians dress?

The men dress in tuxedos, the women in formal black, unless otherwise requested.

Why would I like to book the Armadillo Sting Quartet?

Established in 1989, this quartet was created to provide beautiful musical performances for all types of social or private functions. A vast repertoire, a professional demeanor, and musical excellence make the Armadillo String Quartet a world-class ensemble.